Every knife I make must perform flawlessly as a cutting tool, be well crafted and look amazing. A knife should be a tool you are proud to carry, use and show off. This is what I look for in a knife and what I will make for you.

I have been fascinated with knives and knife making since a very young age but began taking the craft seriously in 2010. I was inspired to make a lockback folding knife and enjoyed figuring out the mechanics in the design and learning the process of heat treating and tempering. I think it's amazing how beautiful, working tools can be crafted from raw materials and how steel can take so many different forms and strengths using heat.

I mostly use the stock removal method of knife making. This is where the knife shape and bevels are ground out using a belt grinder. I also forge some of my blades using the age old method of heating steel in a forge and hammering out the shape and bevels. I then use the belt grinder to clean up the shape and bevels. I use tool steel and stainless steel and prefer using natural handle materials like wood, bone, horn and antler but will also use modern handle materials such as micarta and G10. I stitch my sheaths by hand and use vegetable tanned leather that can be dyed to match the knife colours.

I am fascinated by new processes and techniques I discover and strive to perfect them, even if I fail in the process and have to start over. Like all art, it is as much about the process as it is the final result. This is an ancient craft that creates lasting and timeless heirlooms.

Thanks for visiting my site and browsing through my custom knives. It would be my pleasure to make you a custom knife. If you would like to commission a custom knife please contact me by email info@rhidianknives.com